Masters Dry Age

Masters Dry Age

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Now offering the Masters Dry Age Sampler Box! This box includes:

(1) Dry Age Prime Porterhouse steaks (bone-in)

(2) Dry Age Prime Ribeye steaks (boneless)

(3) Dry Age Prime New York strip steaks (boneless)

(2) Prime Filet Mignon (boneless)


Feeds 8-10 people.

Dry Aging is an artisanal method that we have been perfecting since 1957. Fresh beef is stored without packaging on racks and on hooks in open-air coolers. Temperature, air flow and humidity are controlled to develop a characteristic steakhouse flavor, often referred to as "nutty" or "oaky."

During dry aging, meat undergoes some hydration. Moisture evaporates from the outer surface, concentrating the meat's flavor inside-much like reducing a sauce. 

Dry-aged beef is about 15-20% more expensive because of yield loss and the cost of maintaining a dedicated dry-aging cooler.  

For more on Dry Age vs Wet Age, click here.

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