Point Brisket
Point Brisket
Point Brisket

Point Brisket

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The Point of Brisket
“as seen in Elizabeth Karmel’s column, The American Table”

The “Point” is the most coveted part of the brisket and it is rarely sold alone.
The Point of Brisket is the fattier end of a whole brisket that includes the delicious, rich, and beefy deckle that the prized barbecue champion “burnt ends” are made from. Because the meat is more marbled than the lean flat of the brisket, it has much more flavor and is generally the most sought-after part of a whole brisket. In barbecue restaurants, this part of the brisket is sometimes referred to as the “moist” brisket. This is the ideal cut to brown and braise for the Jewish holidays or slow-smoke in a grill for a backyard barbecue.

Weight, about 4-5 pounds.

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