Masters Dry Age Sampler
Masters Dry Age Sampler
Masters Dry Age Sampler
Masters Dry Age Sampler
Masters Dry Age Sampler

Masters Dry Age Sampler

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Now introducing the Masters Dry-Age Sampler! We are offering this box in three different sizes: Mini, Standard and Deluxe. This box is perfect for a BBQ or for just cooking at home!

Mini: (1) Dry-Age Prime Porterhouse 32 oz (1) Dry-Age Prime Ribeye 14 oz (1) Dry-Age Prime Strip 14 oz 

Standard: (1) Dry-Age Prime Porterhouse 32 oz (2) Dry-Age Prime Ribeye 14 oz (2) Dry-Age Prime Strip 14 oz

Deluxe: (1) Dry-Age Prime Porterhouse 32 oz (2) Dry-Age Prime Ribeye 14 oz (3) Dry-Age Prime Strip 14 oz (2) Prime Filet Mignon 8 oz

Dry Aging is an artisanal method that we have been perfecting since 1957. Fresh beef is stored without packaging on racks and on hooks in open-air coolers. Temperature, air flow and humidity are controlled to develop a characteristic steakhouse flavor, often referred to as "nutty" or "oaky."

During dry aging, meat undergoes some hydration. Moisture evaporates from the outer surface, concentrating the meat's flavor inside-much like reducing a sauce. 

Dry-aged beef is about 15-20% more expensive because of yield loss and the cost of maintaining a dedicated dry-aging cooler.  

For more on Dry Age vs Wet Age, click here.

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Kevin M.
United States United States
Simply the best

5 stars! I'm a longtime customer of Master Purveyors. I remember when I had to use my guy Smythe to get me thru the door, before they had a website and only did wholesale. I'm a red meat aficionado and belive me when I tell you that MP is one of the best prime butchers in the Northeast. Every major event or cookout I throw has their meats as the featuring attraction. In my opinion I'm not that great of a griller, their meat is just that superb! You'll never order from anyone ever again, Omaha Steaks is trash compared to this!

Master Purveyors, Inc. Masters Dry Age Sampler ReviewMaster Purveyors, Inc. Masters Dry Age Sampler ReviewMaster Purveyors, Inc. Masters Dry Age Sampler Review
Richard L.
United States United States
Really good steaks

Took these steaks to a friend's barbecue. They were the star of the show. Looking forward to buying another package.

Americo P.
United States United States
Fantastic experience

Ordered from here for Mother’s Day. Hadn’t seen my grandma in a year due to COVID. That was special enough on its own but these steaks were phenomenal and made the experience all the better. Thank you.

Rob O.
United States United States
The best steaks ever.

The steaks are the best of the best. It’s that simple!!!!!

United States United States
Dry age sampler was excellent

Just had the third steak from this order so I can comment on the three cuts included. The NY Strip was truly excellent. Upon unwrapping a pronounced rich aroma was evident with no trace of funk or sourness as sometimes can be the case with dry aged. Texture was exceptional with enough bite to deliver an exceptional mouth feel. The cut was generous, just about 2" thick. Cooked up superbly over a hardwood charcoal fire in a Weber kettle grill. 13 minutes over very hot coals with a 5 minute rest. I opened it 24 hours before cooking and left it lightly wrapped in wax paper in the refrigerator overnite, kosher salting it 12 hours before cooking and adding black pepper several hours later. Juicy and succulent this was AAA+++ quality, fully the equal of a top level steakhouse. (Think Wolfgangs) The Porterhouse was subjected to the same prep. A bit less aromatic upon opening which was not a problem as it cooked up with a strong rich flavor from the sirloin / strip and a mild tender somewhat subtle flavor to the filet. Porterhouse is not my go to cut but this one was very good. Fired up the 2" rib eye last night, same prep as noted above. Very well marbled with a few deep pocket of fat in the center, perhaps 15% of the visible surface area. It seems to me that this definitely contributed to both the flavor and texture. This was by far the juiciest steak of the three, with the cap revealing very toothsome striations of meat providing an exceptional bite profile. One thing to note was that the Strip & Porter were cooked fresh, whereas the Rib eye had been frozen. I did not notice any pronounced difference owing to this, though this may be due to the significant contribution of the fat melting into the rib eye and essentially self basting it. Masters delivered the goods with this order in more ways than one. I'll be ordering again in a few weeks, it would be a tall order to top this one but if anyone can deliver MP can ( and has ). A further note, the order was packed perfectly arrived bracingly chilled. As a final observation I found the pricing to be perfectly fair for this level of quality; a 100 mile drive in any direction from my upstate NY home would not result in my finding equal quality at a retail market.

Master Purveyors, Inc. Masters Dry Age Sampler Review