Master Purveyors Prime Burgers Box
Master Purveyors Prime Burgers Box

Master Purveyors Prime Burgers Box

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Master Purveyors Prime Original Blend Burgers

This is the perfect combination of prime chuck and sirloin with a juicy, sweet, beefy flavor that will work for everyone – from the burger enthusiast to the everyday backyard griller. So, whether you are old or young or like your burgers rare or well done this is the burger for you.

Master Purveyors Prime Short Rib Blend Burgers

Made from a special blend of prime short rib, chuck and brisket. The short rib blend provides three great qualities of a burger. The short rib adds a rich, strong beefy flavor; the chuck adds sweetness behind the beefy flavor; and the brisket provides juiciness at all levels of temperature, making a mouthwatering burger that will satisfy the true beef lover.

Master Purveyors Prime Dry-Aged Blend Burgers 

Made from a blend of prime chuck, loin, brisket and dry-aged sirloin. The chuck and sirloin are a perfect combination of sweetness and beefiness. The dry-aged sirloin gives the burger a distinct sweet, nutty flavor that holds its taste throughout the meal, making the last bite as rich and powerful as the first. The fat from the brisket absorbs into the meat, keeping the burger juicy and flavorful at any heat level. Simply put, this is a quintessential steakhouse experience that does not require a knife and fork!

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Lewis S.
United States United States
Master Purveyors Prime Burgers Box- Out of This World ALWAYS

I lived in BX, Scott is my boy, so I have enjoyed these burgers for a year now. So much I now have them delivered to South Florida! Thank you for the incredible meat & service!

john p.
United States United States
your meat is great!!1keep it up...john pickett

every detail was perfect...john pickett

United States United States
Best Burgers Ever!!!

We purchased the short rib and dry aged burgers, they were fantastic! We will be ordering again soon.

Anne M.
United States United States
Best burgers ever

I bought the dry aged blend and it was the juiciest and most flavorful burger I’ve ever had.

John A.
United States United States
Italian sausages almost as good as I remember

Sent as a special gift for my just turned 90 year old cousin in California, the sweet and hot Italian sausages from the Bronx based, Master Purveyors, came as close as any I've ever had to the taste of the sausages both my cousin and I remember from our childhood in New York. They have the right ratio of fat to meat and a delicious fennel flavor that's really the secret. That's where these sausages missed the mark, if only slightly, the flavor is there but I miss the fennel seeds themselves. The hot sausages were also somewhat milder than what I grew up with, a sacrifice to milder tastes, I assume. The differences did not hurt the overall enjoyment of these well-made little darlings that grilled up perfectly. I made little heroes with sautéed sweet peppers and onions - dreaming of the amazing heroes from Defontes of Brooklyn. I'm still looking for the sausages my dad grilled at our backyard pool parties or mom included in a half hot/half sweet lasagna but in the meantime these will do very nicely - and my cousin just loved them. I also bought a package of short rib blend hamburgers to make the minimum purchase, also a good choice, the mixture of short rib, chuck and brisket makes for a perfect burger. These were just an extravagance since I usually buy the cuts of meat from my local market and make my own blend. You can't beat the flavor and texture of a blended burger. I've had friends tell me that my burgers are the best they've ever had, I think Master Purveyor's blended burgers could easily fool them into thinking I made them - they're so good I'm afraid they'll outshine mine! I was impressed with the packaging and shipment and recommend Master Purveyors if your looking for a source of fine meats. One of these days I'll have to try their steaks.